Lead Generation for Events where the is no Badge to Scan


When it comes to lead generation at events without electronic badges, traditionally there have been only a few ways to capture attendee information. They include:

Collect business cards and write notes on the card.

The booth rep talks with a prospect and collects a business card. The card is bundled with a bunch of other business cards and FedEx’d to the trade show manager. How is she supposed to know what was discussed or what follow-up was promised?

Ask attendees to write their demographic information on a lead card.
This often means the information is illegible and/or incomplete.

Write the demographic information yourself.
This, too, is often incomplete and illegible.

In all these cases, you must do tedious, time-consuming manual data entry of the information after the event in order to deliver it to your sales people for follow-up. That’s tedious, time-consuming, and you’re apt to miss some important information that was shared at the show.

You know you need a way to quickly enter names and notes, ensuring accuracy.


The “No Badge, No Worries” Capability of SVCapture and SVShow...

  • Allows for quick capture of event attendees’ demographic and lead qualifying information/lead qualifying information.

  • Built-in auto suggest feature allows for quick data entry

  • Data collected is saved in the cloud and is returned to you in your customized CRM format

  • Instant literature fulfillment via dynamic email. This means you can save money on having to print, haul and hand out hard copies at your event.

  • Record notes via voice-to-text

  • Image capture (i.e. diagrams, sketches, etc.) can be added to the lead record

Check out this Live Demo and see for yourself!

Take a moment to test drive a demo of our “No Badge, No Worries” feature solution. You can access it with any device with an internet browser.


Now wasn’t that easy? Sure beats chicken scratch on a business card!


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