How do you share your blessings?

Today is “#Giving Tuesday“, a globally celebrated day dedicated to the charitable season when many kick-up their giving a notch. This special day is relatively new as special days go, having been created by 92nd Street Y, a cultural center in New York City. It’s a good reminder for all to take a moment to step out of their routine and to consider how they can lend a hand to help others. Be that in the way of doing volunteer work, supplying a charitable cause with needed items or making a monetary donation, all positive giving efforts are encouraged in local communities.

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Giving-tuesday-showvalue-incWhile it’s nice to have specific day to remind people about the role of giving back when they can, it’s also important to keep that spirit of throughout the rest of the year. We like to embrace that approach with community support.  Need knows no season so think about making your contributions throughout the year. So, how do you plan to share your blessings with your community?