ShowValue provided electronic lead retrieval systems to the International Telemetering Conference/USA 2016. This is the first time in 52 years of the conference that the conference exhibitors had access to easy lead retrieval options.


This week, our ShowValue team was at the International Telemetry Conference/USA 2016 in Glendale, AZ.  The 52nd year of the ITC brought a new offering for its exhibitors: electronic lead retrieval systems. ShowValue had the honor being chosen to be the provider of this inaugural offering with its SVCapture™.


With SVCapture™, exhibitors had the option to use a mobile badge scanner to display an on-screen qualifying survey…



Scan attendee badge with phone or tablet.

Lead Capture-Attendee Demographics-ShowValue

See attendee demographic information on screen, make corrections if needed.


Use on-screen survey to ask qualifying questions. Make sure the attendee is the kind of lead you want.


…OR connect the scanner to a Bluetooth printer to print stickers of visitors’ full contact information to affix to their lead card.



What made SVCapture™ a win for exhibitors are the features that come standard with it.

SVCapture™ Features Overview

  • Easy Scan of Attendees’ Electronic Show Badges (See video)
  • Display on On-Screen Survey or Print Labels for your paper lead cards
  • Key Attendee ID System (KAIDS): know when important attendees enter your booth
  • Quickly qualify attendees with use of On-Screen Survey
  • Real Time Voice-to-Text Notes: quickly record and save (See video)
  • Image Capture: it could be a sketch of a solution created with the attendee, a photo of the attendee,or well, anything.
  • Edit attendee demographic info if needed
  • Literature Fulfillment: send attendees emails with only the information requested
  • Lead Lookup and updating (editing)
  • Real time statistics on screen
  • Data is stored in our cloud database and available on demand via secure portal
  • Lead file delivered in the CRM format you set up for quick upload into sales pipeline.


We were grateful to be ITC’s lead retrieval provider this year and look forward being so again next year.


If you would like to know more about our lead retrieval systems for your conference or trade show, or lead capture systems (for your exhibit booth as a more robust alternative to the minimal badge scanning usually offered to exhibitors), let us show you how SVCapture™ can get you more of the qualified leads you really want. Contact us today!