Get Lead Data Delivered to You in YOUR CRM Format

Capturing lead information is one thing, but having it ready at the end of a show, ready for your sales people to upload to their CRM is divine.  We’ve found that the biggest delay factors in getting leads into the company’s CRM is cleaning up the data and formatting the data for CRM upload.
Custom CRM Formatting feature is INCLUDED with our lead capture and retrieval progams, SVCapture™ and SVShow™. Using a tool on our secure portal, you define the specific requirements* for your CRM. You can even test your configuration using test data with a click of a button.
Data collected from event attendees is returned to you custom formatted to you CRM’s field parameters. This allows for quick and easy upload to your CRM to get your leads into the sales pipeline FAST!

Get those
“hot leads” into the sales pipeline in no time!


* What are CRM Requirements?

  • Adhere to field Naming and field Order conventions.
  • Adhere to field Text requirements.
  • Enter “constants” such as Lead Source or Campaign Name into every record.


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