Lead Capture for Events where the is no Badge to Scan

When it comes to lead capture at events without electronic badges, traditionally there have been only a few ways to capture attendee information. They include:

Collect business cards and write notes on the card.

The booth rep talks with a prospect and collects a business card. The card is bundled with a bunch of other business cards and FedEx’d to the trade show manager. How is she supposed to know what was discussed or what follow-up was promised?
Ask attendees to write their demographic information on a lead card.
This often means the information is illegible and/or incomplete.
Write the demographic information yourself.
This, too, is often incomplete and illegible.
In all these cases, manual data entry of the information after the event in order to deliver it to your sales people for follow-up. That’s tedious, time-consuming, and you’re apt to miss some important information that was shared at the show.

You know you need a way to quickly enter names and notes, ensuring accuracy.

The “No Badge, No Worries” Capability of SVCapture™ and SVShow™...

  • Allows for quick capture of event attendees’ demographic and lead qualifying information/lead qualifying information.
  • Built-in auto suggest feature allows for quick data entry
  • Data collected is saved in the cloud and is returned to you in your customized CRM format
  • Instant literature fulfillment via dynamic email. This means you can save money on having to print, haul and hand out hard copies at your event.
  • Record notes via voice-to-text
  • Image capture (i.e. diagrams, sketches, etc.) can be added to the lead record

Check out this Live Demo and see for yourself!

Take a moment to test drive a demo of our “No Badge, No Worries” feature solution. You can access it with any device with an internet browser.

No Badge No Worries Test Drive

Now wasn’t that easy? Sure beats chicken scratch on a business card!

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