Trade Show Theater Lead Capture

Capture Lead Information from Every Attendee at Your Trade Show Theater!

Trade Show Theater Lead Capture

If you have a theater production in your trade show booth or event, then you know you are losing leads from attendees who leave your booth right after the presentation. It doesn’t have to be that way!

ShowValue’s lead capture system, SVCapture™, ensures that you capture lead information from every attendee at your theater or other group activity like a face-out demo. The system can easily handle 10, 20, even 100+ people per presentation.  

Here’s how it works:

When an attendee arrives at the theater, his or her show badge is scanned to capture demographic information…name, title, company, etc. The system prints a sticky label with this information, the label is affixed to a lead card, and the card is given to the attendee who answers the questions. At the end of the presentation, the attendee turns in the completed lead card…often in exchange for a promotional item.
 Here is a quick video showing badge scan and label print for a lead card.
ShowValue scans the completed lead cards to electronically “read” the selections. This data is linked to the demographic data from the badge scan, duplicates are reconciled producing one record per attendee, a “grade” is assigned based on your criteria, and other processing rules are applied. Reports are generated and a lead file, formatted to conform to your Customer Relationship Management (or other) system requirements, is created.
The system can be deployed booth-wide or just in high traffic areas in conjunction with other lead  capture systems used in the one-to-one areas such as individual demos. ShowValue will deliver a formatted file of just the high traffic area lead information or will aggregate the data from elsewhere in the booth to produce a consolidated lead file and report. It’s your choice.

Studies show that as many as 85% of leads come from your theater.

Don’t miss capturing any of them!

Unlike most lead capture vendors, who are technology companies in search of clients to use their
technology, ShowValue is an event measurement company…with event people…that custom fits the right technology to fulfill client needs. With effective trade Show theater lead capture, you can make your exhibiting effort worth It.


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