Below are sample questions for you to consider asking for your next event evaluation or lead survey.  Of course, each event is unique and the questions you ask should directly related to areas that are truly able to affect change or action. We are evaluation experts and can assist you with your question set if you need a little direction.

Lead Form Sample Questions

  • May our Rep contact you to discuss your needs?

  • Areas of Interest:

  • I have the Following Concerns:

  • Are you currently a customer?

  • What is your current role?

  • What is your level of influence on purchasing decisions?

    – Authorize Purchase

    – Recommend

    – Research

    – None

  • What is your timeframe for your next purchase/project/etc.?

  • What is the expected budget for your next purchase/project?

  • Comments

Session Evaluation Sample Questions

  • Rate the effectiveness of the speaker

  • Rate the value of material presented

  • Rate the length of the presentation

  • Was new material presented?

  • Was the speaker easy to understand?

  • The speaker/facilitator encouraged participation

  • Would you recommend this session to a colleague?

Communications Questions

  • Rate the following kiosk abilities:

    – Email capabilities

    – Attendee Networking

  • Rate Overall experience with email kiosks

  • Did you use Conference email?

  • How did you learn about this program?

  • Would you like to be contacted by any of the exhibitors to discuss their solution further?

  • Please have my local rep call me regarding this solution.  (Yes/No)

  • Is Follow-Up Requested?

  • May we communicate with you via email to send you a thank-you letter or follow-up information?

  • Would you like a local rep to contact you about your upcoming project?

  • I would like my local representative to contact me regarding the information in this session.

  • May we contact you via the following methods regarding valuable information on our products and promotions?

  • Have you attended previous XYZ company Conferences?

  • Please Email information about next year’s event.

    If Yes, provide Email address

  • When looking for work related information, how would you rank each of the following sources:

    – Company Web Site
    – Other Web Site
    – Online Banner Advertising
    – Online Chat/ Discussion
    – Friends/ Colleagues/Word of mouth
    – Company Brochures/Sales Literature
    – Catalogues
    – Direct Mail
    – Magazine Article
    – Magazine Advertisement
    – Radio Program
    – Radio Advertisement
    – TV Program
    – TV Advertisement


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