Lead form questions are important if your goal is to find qualified leads who are ready and able to buy what you’re selling.

You have a limited amount of time with a show attendee. Make sure you have a question set that is effective and easy to complete.

Here are a few examples of questions that can/should be asked on a trade show lead form.

Which of the following products/services/solutions are you interested in (select all that apply)

Do you have a funded project?

What is your budget range for this project?

What is your timeframe to purchase?

What is your role in the purchasing decision process?

What stage of the buying process are you in?

Please have a salesperson contact me.

May we contact you via e-mail?

Which method of contact do you prefer?

How important is this event in helping you make purchasing decisions?

Before visiting our booth, how familiar were you with our company/products/services?

Have you ever done business with our company?

How likely are you to do business with our company?

How helpful was the presentation?

We are always adding new questions…check back frequently.
If you have any questions you would like to submit for the list, please share them with us.

We’ve been helping our clients create the best qualifying questions for years. We’re pretty good at it. Let us to help you with your question set. Call us today at (978) 866-3856 or send us a message.