SAMPLES – Meetings and Conference Evaluations/Surveys

SVSurveys Meeting & Conference Evaluation Forms & Reports Samples

Below you will find samples of the paper versions of the evaluation forms and what our comprehensive reports look like that analyze the information provided on the evaluation forms. The reports can be customized to report info in the way that is most valuable to your organization and stakeholders. Honestly, it’s the reporting that makes the evaluation endeavor worth the effort. To be able to see how your event was received by your attendees, allows for you to be able to make improvements where needed and to enhance the areas that are successful.

Paper Surveys

  • Session Evaluation Form Sample

  • Session & Speaker Evaluation Form Sample

  • Overall Conference Evaluation Form

Did you know that ShowValue is one of the few companies that still offers paper evaluation for all meeting/conference evaluations (as well as an add to our lead capture mobile app, SVCapture)?  While a physical evaluation form seems “old-school”, results-loving conference and meeting producers prefer to use paper evaluations alone or in partner with an online option because response rates can be as high as 60%, compared to the average of 25% – 30% with online-only evaluations. When you can ask for feedback right in the session instead of asking someone to remember to go scan a QR code, type a link online, or find a link in an email, you have a (proven) better chance of getting the feedback you want and need.

Just a little something to think about when choosing evaluating the best method to evaluate your next conference or meeting event. 

Reporting Based on Survey Reponses

Question Samples

Online Surveys

Do you prefer to administer your event evaluation online instead of onsite with physical evaluation forms?  No worries. We can take of that for you as well.  Learn more about online versions of the surveys samples below on the Online Surveys page.

Please contact us for a link to a live online survey demo that most closely simulates the type of survey you are looking to use.

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