When Your Evaluation Needs Call for More Customization

If you find ShowValue’s standard session evaluation forms (SVMetrics) don’t quite meet your needs, we’ll use your question set to create a unique forms for you with SVCustom.

Get feedback from all attendees:

  • Overall Conference Evaluation
  • Exhibitors/Sponsors
  • Session Speakers
  • Special Session (e.g. Invitation Only)

Ask anything you like. Use a one-sided or two-sided form. Change the scales or capture attendee ID’s. YOU decide what information you need. Want to see some sample questions?

Not only are the question sets yours, the report can reflect your unique needs too. We can:

  • Format reports to your standards
  • Add previous years’ results for comparative purposes
  • Accommodate special requests from management

For a comprehensive event evaluation package, SVCustom is your best choice.