Online/Digital Surveys that can be Accessed Anywhere, Anytime

can be used to evaluate sessions, speakers, keynotes, overall conferences, special meetings or events, training, sales meetings really anything that needs to be measured.

SVSurveys is different from other online survey products because ShowValue, Inc. delivers a comprehensive set of comparative reports customized for each client. The reports are more than simply a tabulation of the evaluations that most online surveys provide. SVSurveys is also different from other online survey products because we can include a photo of the speaker which helps identify who is being evaluated.

SVSurveys-Tablet with Hand

You the client determine how the attendees access the survey. Options include using a QR code, a tiny URL, or clicking a link in an email. SVSurveys is mobile friendly and can be accessed through any smart phone, tablet, or computer with an internet connection. It also gives you the client the option to capture attendee comments at any time. You tell us what questions you are looking to answer and we build them into the survey.

SVSurveys is customizable to meet your individual needs. ShowValue, Inc. can provide suggestions and guidance, but you determine what questions to ask and whether or not you want to capture comments.

ShowValue, Inc. was founded by event people who are intimately familiar with running events and the need for measurement. We use technology that allows us to provide customized services to measure Meetings.

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