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Know What is Working and What Need Improvement
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ShowValue’s Online Surveys Are Perfect for Many Marketing Endeavors

  • Conference and Meeting Evaluation Surveys
    Easily determine if your meeting event is offering what your attendees expected (and paid for if applicable). Find out what elements (workshops, speakers, demonstrations) are delivering what you hoped and call out the parts that are lacking and not representing what you want your event to be.

  • Exhibit Booth Exit Surveys
    Easily determine if your costly marketing effort is making the impact you wanted.
    (More info about Exit Surveys.)

  • Training Program Feedback
    Find out if your training is doing what you wanted it to relay

  • Sweepstakes or Contest Entry Collection
    Easily collect entries and generate a list of contacts for your marketing efforts.

  • Customer Satisfaction Feedback
    Know if your customers are happy with your products and service as well as build a contact list for future marketing reach-out.

ShowValue can design and host your online survey with customized reporting to meet your needs. Our online surveys are mobile and can be administered on any iOS, Android, or Windows mobile device. They can also be used in conjunction with your paper survey efforts (the data from both types of surveys being integrated into final reporting). This allows for more options and flexibility to cover your survey needs.

ShowValue’s Online Surveys Always Include

Web Survey Design


Results Reporting

Web Survey Design

Customization is king!
No survey is too complicated. A plethora of question types, branching, email triggers, and more are available as part of your survey. Unlike the many DIY survey providers out there, we do the survey programming FOR YOU. You just tell us what information it is that you want to collect and we’ll work out the details. Survey design is INCLUDED in our online survey service, not an add-on.


With or Without Immediate Internet Access
Our online surveys are hosted in a secure environment and sometimes you need your online survey to work even if there is no continual internet connection. Our surveys can be set to work in an “offline” mode and once an internet connections is available, all the data is uploaded (and any actions like email confirmations and the like will activate once an online connection is established at the end of your show or event.

Results Reporting

Get a Results Report in the Format YOU Want
If you simply want a spreadsheet of collected data or something more substantial like a PowerPoint slide deck that can be presented to your stakeholders, we can accommodate your needs.

More Features – Included!

There are many great things you can get your survey to do

  • Send you an email after a customer has noted a particular type of response.

  • Send an email with a “thank you” message or special offer.

  • Once a respondent completes the survey, they can be easily directed to your website to see product information, a special offer, and more.

Need an online survey or just want to discuss how one can serve your goals? Call us today at (978) 866-3856 or fill out the contact form below to get more information.