SVLeads Basic

SVLeads Basic is perfect when your budget is really tight and you expect less than 500 leads. Using the show lead retrieval units, you attach the paper strip to a custom lead card. At the end of the show, return the completed lead cards to ShowValue using the pre-addressed FedEx air bill we send with your lead cards.

Before the show, you get a package sent to your booth or your hotel (saves on-site delivery fees) containing:

  • Custom lead cards (you specify the questions)
  • Pens for attendees and staffers to use to fill out the lead card
  • Staplers to attach the paper strip from the lead retrieval unit to the lead card
  • A pre-addressed FedEx air bill for returning completed lead cards to ShowValue

We?ll even order the lead retrieval devices for you if you like to make sure you get the right options.

For small shows or small budgets, SVLeads Basic is the right choice.

Call us today at (978) 866-3856 to chat about how ShowValue can set up your Lead Capture System.