SVLeads Premium

SVLeads Premium

SVLeads Premium delivers your leads to you within 24 hours of the close of the show.  To do this ShowValue’s industry leading “sticker” system is used to print and affix the badge information for every attendee on a custom lead card.  It’s perfect for an in-booth theater, face-out demo, or anywhere you draw crowds.  Every visitor gets a lead card, including booth visitors standing in the aisles.

With SVLeads Premium, we send a ShowValue technician to be your dedicated on-site resource to handle all the lead capture tasks.  Your leads are processed each night to give you a “snapshot” report the following morning.  This is valuable information to motivate or refocus your booth staff, and to report to management… and your internal client.

Within 24 hours of the close of the show you will receive a lead file formatted to your specifications and a final report of the data from your entire show.

SVLeads Premium is a complete, time-focused solution including all hardware, software, readers, lead cards, installation, support, and dismantlement.  We’ll even supply pens for attendees to fill out the lead cards.

When delivering leads to your sales team quickly is a priority, SVLeads Premium is your best choice.

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